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Columbia, SC 29223
Youngs True Value has been selling Stihl products for over 20 years. Some of the saws and trimmers we sold in 1983 are still in use today. Every now and then we have a dad come in with his son to buy the new generation equipment that stands the test of time. Stihl products are only sold by servicing dealers that are required to stay current with all technical aspects of the brand. Young's has been one of the largest retailers of Stihl products in the Columbia market for many years and is a Silver level service center. We have a substantial Stihl parts and accessory inventory.

How about one of the most popular units out there. Stihl's KM series is one of the most versatile units you can find. This unit is manufactured with a split boom and has an assortment of attachments available. Trimmer head with a brush cutting blade adapter. Prunner attachment, power scythe, hedge trimmer, stick edger, power sweep and cultivator. Did we leave anything out? What else could you need?


In need of a chain saw? Stihl manufactures a full line of chain saws for the home, commercial or for that professional arborest. Stihl products meet/exceeds all OSHA and EPA requirements. Stihl also distributes a full line of safety apparel. Helmets, goggles, face shields, hearing protectors, aprons, chaps and gloves. Visit them on there web site WWW.STIHLUSA.COM. Use the back arrow to get back to us. The next time you see a professional tree service truck or the US Forest Fire Service in action, look at the brand saw they are using. When it MUST perform they run Stihl.

The gas powered blower catagory has grown over the last decade to equal chainsaw sales. Stihl offers well made, powerful blowers that won't break your back or wallet. If you like the hand-helds, buy the BG 86. It has as much blowing power as some other brands backpack blowers, smooth as silk too. Backpack blowers start at the BR380 priced around $349 to the monster BR600 that will blow a brick around the yard for $499

You think you need a chainsaw?

Walt Smith, Deep South Landscapping,  takes delivery of his new Stihl MS880 Magnum Chainsaw.  The Stihl MS880 is one of the largest chainsaws in the world.  Shown here with a 57 inch bar and chain, the saw will be used for cutting LARGE bundles of timbers.  Walt relies on Stihl equipment for all of his needs, whether it's his Stihl TS400 cut off saw or his many other Stihl chainsaws.  Come by for a "fitting" of your perfect Stihl chainsaw today!