7734 Two Notch Rd.
Columbia, SC 29223

What do we have? Well to start off with we are a hardware store. I guess a good place to start would be at hardware. This is our nuts and bolt display which takes care of 99% of the needs for nuts and bolts. We also have brackets and rods, hooks and hoops, eye bolts and J bolts, picture hangers and casters.... The list goes on.


We got, (oops... bad grammar) We HAVE tools galore.. Masons tools and mallets... Chisels and chaps... Hammers and wrenches... Drills and bits... Most things you would need to build a house or work on a piece of equipment...


And lastly, (for this page only) we have an assortment of Postal mail boxes. Various sizes and shapes. Conventional to outrageous.. Or how about some power equipment? Maybe a generator? Or what about a pressure washer to wash down those walls or drive ways.. A spreader for fertilizer? Tiller for your garden?... You have to come and see.