7734 Two Notch Rd.
Columbia, SC 29223

Have a pond or puddle you don't know what to do with? Or how about some small neighbor kids you love to scare the heck out of? (I have a few of them, not saying I would do a thing like that) A gator might do the trick. Ideal for garden ponds or small pools. Different sizes are available. Small teasers to the size that Crocodile Dundee would wrestle...


Outdoor cooking is fast becoming the "hottest" trend in the lifestyle industry. We have 25+ years experience in burning food and supplying aspiring chefs. Cast iron cookware from Lodge and Bayou Classic are very popular with the fish and turkey fryers. We of course have a selection of aluminum pots from 24-Qt. up to the 80-Qt. giant for bushels of cryfish or oysters. Propane cooker parts from the shutter valve, regulator, and flex hose are in stock as well as most sizes of propane bottles. Oils and marinades can add to the fun (cooking). Don't forget the oyster knives!!


Remember the gator pond? Well we have sprinklers that will keep the grass green all around that there gator pond. (said with a southern drawl) We have all the timers and valves, 1/4 to full circle spray heads, impact sprinklers and stands. Pretty much anything you would need to install, replace or upgrade a sprinkler system.


Might you be a conservationist? Don't like noisy lawn mowers or the smell of exhaust fumes? How about a push, energy efficient reel mower? Kids always complaining about mowing the grass? Or do you like to reminisce about the old days like this geezer? Reel mowers are still in production and are going to be around for a long time. Need a sharpening kit with step by step instruction? Kits are in stock. GREEN GREEN GREEN Yea that's part of it but some gas powered mowers are just a pain to own --we know that. If you have a smaller yard look at the new electric or rechargeable mowers we sell. NO noise NO gas & oil mess.


THE CHILD IN ALL OF US (or on our tax return) Yes, Radio Flyer is still in business and still turning out the bright red wagons & trikes you remember from decades ago. We stock the basics year-round and add some product around Christmas.If there is a particular toy you remember and want to give, let us special order it in time for the big day. For the more mature kids, go to our section with the go-carts. People often ask "how old do you need to be to drive a go-cart". Friends, I have seen 40 yr olds I would'nt let on mine.