7734 Two Notch Rd.
Columbia, SC 29223

Rental Periods

Minimum: 3 Hours per Rental
Day Rate: Any Consecutive 24 Hour Period
Weekend Rentals –   8am Saturday to 8am Monday – 1 ½ days
                                       After 4 pm Saturday to 8am Monday – 1 day

Pickup and Delivery

  1. The customer is responsible for their own pickup and delivery.
  2. Person using equipment is required to pick up the equipment and receive instruction on how to use.



Rental Deposits

A deposit of 3 hour minimum is due at pickup.

Identification Requirement

Two pieces of ID are required on all rental contracts.  Acceptable ID's may include:    - Driver's license
    - Major Credit Card
    - Military ID
    - Any additional identification may be tied to a mailing address with address verifcation

Care of Equipment

  1. Renter is responsible for routine daily care and cleaning
  2. In case of loss or theft, renter is responsible for replacement cost of equipment
  3. Customer is responsible for rental equipment in case of vehicular accident
  4. Customer is responsible for securing equipment properly in vehicle or on trailer if used
  5. If at any point the machine fails to work, please call at that time.  Credit will not be issued if brought back broken.